Adventures in Ireland

Image courtesy of Disney

It’s no secret that Disney does fairy tales. Their parks and resorts offer guests a great vacation option. But what to do when you’ve been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland? You go back of course! But eventually even the most die-hard Disney travel fan is going to want to do something new, something different.

That’s a problem. Disney has a habit of spoiling its guests. Having experienced how magical a Disney parks vacation can be, I’m not rushing out to book a random flight to Europe. I imagine arriving in a crowded airport with no clue where to go or what to do….or worse, committing some horrible social faux pas before we even get to the hotel.

I would love to take our family to Ireland someday, to explore our history and immerse in the culture that is still a part of who we are all these generations since my ancestors boarded a boat to America. But with our family, structure and planning is key. I know – some people hop a plane to Paris and worry about finding accommodations when they get there. I admire you free spirits!

Adventures by Disney is the quiet cousin of the big Disney family of vacation destinations. And like most quiet types, there’s a lot going on just beneath the surface. Adventures by Disney offers guests the magical experience they’ve come to expect from Disney resorts, out in the real world. There are itineraries available all over the world – including Ireland! Everything except airfare is included – meals, accommodations (including three nights in Dromoland Castle!), tours and activities.

Have you experienced Adventures by Disney – or has it made your wish list?