Magical-Blogorail-combined-disclosureRecently, I was given the opportunity to review the new American Tourister Colora luggage line. I’ll admit – I was skeptical! A suitcase is a suitcase, right? But Disney has just declared American Tourister the Official Luggage of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. That tells me there’s something special going on here, and I needed to check it out.

One of the things Disney does better than anybody is get the tiny details just right. I saw the same qualities in the American Tourister Colora bag – they anticipated my needs as a traveler and met them before I even had a chance to worry about it. Anybody who can do that is welcome to travel with me any time!


American Tourister on the go

“Easy peasy!”

Traveling isn’t always easy, so when the tools of travel make it a little easier, that’s a huge win. The Colora line has convenience built into just about every feature:

  • Smooth rolling dual Spinner wheels.
    When you’re making a mad dash from one end of the airport to the other, your bag needs to keep up. Most suitcases I’ve owned have had wheels, but I end up carrying them out of frustration. The Spinner wheels on the American Tourister bags are effortless, and they’re tough enough to keep up with me and my crowd. It was easy enough for my 5-year-old to manage – “Easy peasy!” as she put it!
  • Dual exterior pockets.
    The larger pocket was the perfect size for my laptop and iPad – always the last things I pack! The smaller one fit my Kindle, travel documents, and a small notepad and pen. All the essentials I might need, right at hand.
  • Clear plastic toiletry pouch. I love that this is built into the bag! No more carrying a separate toiletry bag. The pouch snaps in near the top of the bag, which means that I can get to my lotion, hairbrush, or meds without having to unzip the whole suitcase. It’s right there at the top.



24 Hour Bag CollageWhen you have a big family, it’s always a challenge to get everything you need into as little space as possible. If you fly, you pay extra for every piece of luggage. If you drive, you can only fit so many suitcases into the car. Either way, I always pack a “Day 1 Bag” – one suitcase with everything the family will need for the first 24 hours of our vacation. That way, if our bags are lost by the airline or if we just don’t want to deal with unpacking the minute we get to our hotel, we’ve got all the essentials. I pack a heavy-duty zip-top bag for each person in the family so all I have to do is hand out bags – no digging around for socks and arguing about whose t-shirt is whose.


The 20″ Colora was perfect for the task! I fit 6 people’s worth of clothes, plus the essential toiletries and daily meds, into the suitcase with room to spare.

The 20″ Colora’s stats make it the ideal Day 1 bag:

  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 14.5″ x 8.5″

It’s light enough to lift over your head even when fully packed with clothes, and it’s designed to fit into most airlines’ overhead compartments. Double-check with your airline – there are variations in size and weight requirements.

If hitting the road is more your style, you’ll still appreciate the compact size of the 20″ Colora. It leaves plenty of space in the back of the minivan for the rest of your luggage, a cooler, or whatever else you need.

American Tourister COLARA


There’s a reason luggage tags were invented. It’s because most bags look exactly the same. Nobody is going to grab my lime green Colora bag by mistake! The Colora line comes in three colors: Lime Green, Orange, and Raspberry. Honestly, I was a little wary of the bright colors. I’m more of an understated pastel kind of girl, myself. While the lime green is bright, it’s not overwhelming or in-your-face. It’s just fun and cheerful. I’m really looking forward to ordering another one in Raspberry!

The Bottom Line

If you travel – whether it’s one Disney vacation every few years or weekend trips every few weeks – the right luggage can be the difference between arriving stressed out and frustrated or relaxed and ready to play. I can wholeheartedly second Disney’s choice of American Tourister as the luggage for a Disney vacation. They’re well-designed, durable, and fun. You won’t catch me traveling with out my 20″ Colora Spinner again.

Packed CollageThe American Tourister Colora line is always on sale, and they are currently offering free shipping on all orders over $99.

Three sizes:
20″ – perfect for overnight or carry on!

Three colors:
Lime Green

Want to see more?

Check out the American Tourister Facebook page and Follow my Return to Disney board on Pinterest – I’ve pinned a ton of photos that just didn’t quite make it into this review!

Just for fun – If you had this American Tourister 20″ Colora Spinner and tickets to the resort of your choice, how would you #PackMoreFun?