Disney Foodie Blog Hop

Disney Foodie Blog Hop

Thank Goofy It’s Friday – and it’s time to relax, enjoy a good meal, and recapture a little of the magic that gets lost in the chaos of the week. And let me tell you, this week has been chaotic! I spent most of the week arranging a cruise for some old friends, and was able to get them some extra perks thrown in for fun. (I actually have 4 more staterooms set aside, so if you’re thinking of escaping next February drop me a note and I’ll get you the details!)

This is a reprise of a post I wrote several months ago, when the Foodie Friday concept first popped onto my blogging radar. I love getting to share my other first love – cooking – with a healthy dose of Disney thrown in for fun, and getting to share it with you!

On the menu today: Alfredo a la Epcot. The inspiration for this dish was served at L’Originale ALfredo di Roma Ristorante, which used to be located in the Italy pavilion at Epcot. The restaurant closed in August, 2007, but you can still enjoy their signature dish at home.

This recipe is a little different from any other alfredo I’ve made. Most fettuccini alfredo sauces are made with cream. This sauce is made with nothing but butter and parmesan cheese! I’ve added my own touches with carrots, snow peas, garlic, and herbs. I also changed the sauce a bit, using both powdered and fresh grated parmesan. I’ll slice the bread and serve it on the side.


Simple ingredients make the best meals.

First, I start the water boiling for the noodles. They will cook while I make the sauce. My personal belief in recipes is that they are, to quote Elizabeth Swann, “more like guidelines anyway” so right off the bat, I start changing things around. I’ll melt about two tablespoons of butter over low heat:

Melting butter

Melting butter

While the butter melts, I smash two cloves of garlic and chop them finely.

Smash garlic

Smashing garlic - great way to release stress!

Next, I add the chopped garlic to the butter and saute just until the garlic begins to soften. The house smells wonderful at this point!

saute garlic

Saute the garlic

When the garlic is soft, I’ll add the carrots.

Add carrots

Add the carrots

Saute until the carrots are al dente – soft but still have a little crunch to them. Add a teaspoon or so of thyme. Sorry that’s not in the ingredient shot – it’s a last minute addition!

garlic, carrots, and herbs

Garlic, Carrots, and Thyme

I go back to the book at this point and beat two sticks of softened butter (nobody said this was low-fat!) and both types of parmesan cheese in the stand mixer.

Butter and cheese in the mixer

Butter and parmesan cheese in the mixer

I set this aside until the fettuccini noodles are finished. Next I pull out about a cup of the pasta water and set it aside while I drain the noodles.

Reserve some pasta water

Reserve some pasta water

After draining the noodles, I’ll return them to the pasta pot and add the cheese and butter mixture. This is where this recipe gets interesting! Normally, I’d have made a thick cream based sauce with butter, parmesan, and a little pepper. This recipe calls for just the butter and cheese.

Add the butter and cheese

Add the butter and cheese to the pasta

I’ll gently mix the butter and cheese into the noodles, letting the heat from the pasta melt the butter. Finally, I’ll add the secret ingredient – about 1/4 cup of the reserved pasta water! Just a little bit of water with the starch from the noodles will give the sauce the creaminess you’d expect from an alfredo.

Add the pasta water

Add a little pasta water

I’ll toss to coat the noodles, then add the sauteed carrots and garlic. Finally, I’ll top it off with the raw pea pods for crunch and a sprinkling of fresh parmesan. Half an hour in the kitchen and I’m back in Epcot!

Finished Alfredo a la Epcot

Finished Alfredo a la Epcot

On next week’s Foodie Friday, I’ll serve dessert!

What Disney dishes would you like to see featured on Foodie Friday? Have you recreated your favorite meals at home?