It’s been a stressful few weeks around here. Nothing major, just one minor thing after another. Over the weekend, I priced out a Disney vacation – just my way of fantasizing and letting go of the stress. Just for fun, instead of quoting two adults and four kids, I looked at what a trip for just the two of us might cost. A second honeymoon, maybe?

Cropped out the kids!

But then again . . . what kind of horrible, mean, selfish parents would we be to take a Walt Disney World vacation without the kids?? Could we really get away with dropping the kids off at the grandparents’ house while we spent a week at Disney? Better hope the kids don’t read my blog today . . . (This is the only photo we have from our first Disney trip that has both of us actually standing next to each other!)

What are your suggestions for a kid-free second honeymoon Disney style? We’re pretty open to any and all destinations, but we know we want to stick with Disney – after all, this may well be a once in a lifetime (or at least once in a decade) trip, and we know that if we go with Disney we won’t be disappointed.